Conscious Discipline at Conference
Conscious Discipline at Conference

Immerse yourself in Conscious Discipline at this year’s NCAEYC Annual Conference!

Because of the generous support from a talented team of Conscious Discipline® certified trainers, NCAEYC is again able to offer a full array of sessions based on the work of Dr. Becky Bailey. Attendees will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Conscious Discipline content for all or part of their NCAEYC Conference experience.

Conscious Discipline Sessions at Conference this year include:

  • What’s the Difference? An Introduction to Conscious Discipline
  • The Motivation to Behave Comes from Being in Relationship
  • Baby Doll Circle Time with Young Children:  Emotional Regulation through Social Play
  • Reboot the Brain to Reach Higher Levels of Thinking:  Utilizing Connections, Energetic Activity, Movement, and Music to Boost Student Learning and Self-regulation
  • Classroom Jobs: Creating and Environment of Connection and Cooperation
  • Do This…Or Else! Using Choices to Increase Cooperation and Compliance
  • Help Me! Notice Me! Using Empathy to Help Children Manage their Emotions
  • Was It Something I Said?
  • Triggered and Terribly Tired… AHHH! How to Manage Emotional Mayhem
  • Turn Tattling into Teaching: Using Assertiveness in the Classroom
  • Preventing Power Struggles
  • Feeling Buddies—Helping Children Learn to Manage Emotions

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