Annual Conference Registration is now open!
Annual Conference Registration is now open!

NCaeyc’s 63rd Annual Conference is now open for registration! We are excited about this year’s emphasis on Being Intentional: Connecting People, Practice, and Policy, and we can’t wait to see you September 15-17! Register Now!

Keynote and Pre-Conference Sessions

Keynote Speaker: Rae Pica

What If Everybody Understood Child Development?: Straight Talk About Bettering Education and Children’s Lives

Understand the connection between how kids grow and how they learn. After 35 years as an education consultant, Rae Pica knows the importance of understanding the natural course of child development. As a Keynote Speaker, she keeps kids front and center as she provides thought-provoking commentary and actionable insights on topics critical to best practice in child development and education. Rae’s engaging and energizing presentation includes opinions of experts supported by research and anecdotal evidence as well as real-life stories shared by teachers and families. Be motivated and empowered to be a powerful advocate for children by sharing your knowledge and expertise in simple, yet highly effective ways.

Pre-Conference Sessions

  • Building on Foundations: Applying North Carolina’s Early Learning and Development Standards to Support Children’s Growth and Development, presented by Teressa Cameron Sumrall, Ph.D. and Catherine Scott-Little, Ph.D.
    North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development is intended to support teachers’ efforts to intentionally promote learning and development among all children. Join us for this interactive session to hear how teachers across the state are using FELD and get practical ideas to help you enhance your work with children and families. Learn specific ways you can use FELD to support curriculum development, lesson planning and assessments for all children, including dual language learners and children with disabilities. Also learn how you can share information about FELD with families. In addition, the session will provide the latest information about resources and professional development opportunities to promote the use of FELD in North Carolina.
  • Risk and Resilience: Promoting the Development of Emotional and Behavioral Self-Regulation in Children Birth to Five, presented by Betty Rintoul
    This 5-hour training will focus on the how the caregiving environment in the earliest years contributes to risk and resilience in the developing child. We will learn how the brain develops in the context of early caregiving, with particular attention to the stress response and self-regulation. We will explore effects of different kinds of stress, from normal daily hassles to “toxic” stress such as domestic violence and child maltreatment. Finally, the training will present specific ways caregivers can support children’s self-regulation and emotional resilience, even in the face of difficult circumstances.
    Training methods include lecture, case illustrations, demonstration, and small group activities. The target audience includes early childhood care providers and educators, early intervention providers, home visitors, early childhood mental health providers, and others who have the opportunity to influence the caregiving environments of children birth to five.

Featured sessions and more information to be announced.

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