Professional Development and CEU Opportunity with Conscious Discipline!

On behalf of our partners at Conscious Discipline, we are happy to share this workshop opportunity.

Self-Regulation: The Key to School Readiness Workshop

Raleigh, NC • April 9 – 10, 2015 • Marbles Kids Museum

Speakers: Jill MolliLety Valero and Vicky Hepler

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Self-regulation is the key to school readiness, and is more powerful than IQ as a predictor of academic achievement. Equip your children with the #1 skill they need for success.

Workshop Highlights

In this two-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Create a self-regulatory learning center in your classroom (the Safe Place).
  • Respond to emotional upset in a way that fosters the development of self-regulation.
  • Implement the Feeling Buddies Curriculum to teach the five steps to self-regulation.
  • Use the same five-step process to manage your own thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Provide children the opportunity to practice self-regulation in real life situations.

For more details on content, cost, and CEUs, visit the workshop website.

For further information or questions, please contact:

Correne Constantino, Concordia University

Conscious Discipline Workshop April 2015