NCaeyc Pre-Conference Sessions Announced

2016NCaeycConfFlyerAttend  NCaeyc’s Pre-Conference Sessions Thursday, September 15 and receive 5 NC DCDEE Contact Hour Credits


Pre-Conference Session Option 1:

Building on Foundations: Applying North Carolina’s Early Learning and Development Standards to Support Children’s Growth and Development featuring presenters Teressa Cameron Sumrall, Ph.D and Catherine Scott-Little, Ph.D: This interactive session will show how teachers across the state use FELD. Get practical ideas for enhancing your work with children and families through curriculum development, lesson planning and assessments for children, including dual language learners and children with disabilities. Learn about the latest resources and professional development opportunities to promote the use of FELD in NC.

Pre-Conference Session Option 2:

Risk and Resilience: Promoting the Development of Emotional and Behavioral Self-Regulation in Children Birth to Five featuring presenters Betty Rintoul, Ph.D and Lanier DeGrella, Ph.D: This 5-hour training will focus on how the caregiving environment in the earliest years contributes to risk and resilience, brain development with particular attention to the stress response and self-regulation, the effects of different kinds of stress from normal daily hassles to “toxic” stress, and specific ways caregivers can support children’s self-regulation and emotional resilience.

Download an informational flyer (PDF) to print and post or email and share.