Lisa Pullis

Lisa Pullis

Lisa Campbell Pullis began her first term on the NCAEYC Board in Fall 2017. Currently, she serves as the Northwest Regional Representative. Lisa also serves on the Public Policy and Advocacy committee, keeping current on legislative actions affecting the early childhood workforce.

Lisa is the Program Director at the Iredell County Partnership for Young Children in Statesville, NC. She has worked in the early childhood field for over 24 years. Prior to her current role, Lisa was the Region 9 CCR&R Lead Agency Director, Professional Development Coordinator, Parent Educator for Parents As Teachers, preschool teacher, Human Resources Job Recruiter, and a prenatal Social Worker for a local hospital where she facilitated a variety of prenatal classes and parental support groups.

Lisa remains motivated and confident in making a difference in the early childhood workforce surrounding compensation and wages. She believes it is time for us to stand up, step up, and speak up to support the early childhood workforce, and that we must recognize, respect, and support the field in every way. If the early childhood workforce is supported and thriving, families and children will also thrive and succeed.

Lisa enjoys spending time making lifetime memories with her four children and husband. Her favorite quote is “Be the person you want to have in your life.”

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