Pre-Conference Options

Pre-Conference Options


Pre-Conference Day: IN-DEPTH Sessions

Thursday, September 12, 2019
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
(on-site registration and check-in starting at 8:00 am)

Pre-Conference Session Option #1

PreK–3 Leadership: Building Rigorous and Robust Learning Environments

Presented by Dr. Adam Holland, Research Scientist, FPG Child Development Institute. This session is for leaders of all types in PreK–3 spaces. Successfully navigating the worlds of PreK and K–3 is a challenge rarely addressed by licensure programs. For those in leadership roles, the unique challenges and opportunities become real on a daily basis. We will discuss topics like how to maintain academic rigor in early childhood and elementary spaces while still supporting developmentally appropriate teaching, personalizing learning environments for individuals, and embracing the PreK–3 early learning continuum. Participants will learn strategies around developing a vision and becoming instructional leaders. Ample time will be included for discussion, practice, and questions.

Pre-Conference Session Option #2

The Three Secrets Behind the Success of Conscious Discipline®

Presented by Conscious Discipline’s Kim Hughes, CDMI, Kelly Rushing, CDCI, and Ashley Cooper, CDC. Teachers, administrators and parents often despair about how to best support all children as poor attention, increased distractibility and disconnected relationships can get in the way of learning. Conscious Discipline, a trauma-informed, brain-based self-regulation framework, offers evidence-based strategies that create an emotionally/physically safe school environment, as well as teach techniques so adults remain calm in the moments of chaos. Come learn effective teaching strategies that meet the vital needs of the developing brain while boosting children’s sense of safety, create secure attachments, and increase awareness of self and others as you learn HOW to create a compassionate and empowered educational environment where ALL children soar.

Pre-Conference Session Option #3

Investing in Ourselves: Promoting Practice, Well-being, and Professionalism

This day is specially designed to support attendees in reflecting upon your role in the lives of children and families and strengthening strategies and resources to support on-going development of your practice and well-being. Experience an inspiring and engaging morning that promotes resilience and wellness. This provides the foundation for an afternoon focused on helping you be intentional in your teaching practice and roles with children and families. By deeply understanding how wellness and well-being impact our professionalism and practice, we promote a framework for our field that has direct impact on each individual professional and on the children and families they serve.

Your morning focuses on your well-being and professionalism as an agent of positive change in your workplace. Ennis Baker, MSW, LCSW presents Moving from Surviving to Thriving: What Teachers and Administrators Can Do To Promote Resilience, Healing and Compassion Satisfaction in Their Classrooms, Centers and Communities! We will reflect on what the principles of safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment look and feel like for staff in the early childhood education field.  We will also discuss what a toxic work environment can look and feel like and how work place environments affect us.  We will practice short but powerful mindfulness and wellness strategies and develop personal resilience plans that include steps we will take to improve our mood, our health and promote compassion satisfaction in our work setting.

In the afternoon, come laugh, listen and learn with Children’s Author and Educator, Dr. Kimberly Johnson! Her interactive session Today I Think I’ll TEACH: Balancing Teaching and Learning focuses on the importance of the power of research AND the practicality of true teaching to help you improve your practice as an early childhood professional.  Oftentimes, educators do not feel that they are able to teach the way they want to because of the many demands of strict data and performance guidelines. The reality is that educators can learn to balance both teaching and learning. Dr. Kimberly Johnson will help teachers learn to use techniques that will make them love to teach again. More importantly, they can create a classroom that provides many opportunities for autonomy while still completing the benchmarks of the setting. It is through intentional efforts that we can engage early learners while raising our levels of expectations – Balance is the key!!  Through effective developmentally appropriate practices, early learners can begin to find the areas of interest and begin building their educational identities. Educators can learn how to plan effective lesson plans and create a community setting in the classroom. Educators must also be able and willing to engage with the families as well.



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[box style=”2″]”NCAEYC is inspiring and investing in future teachers here in North Carolina. My students say that the NCAEYC Conference is one of their favorite field trips. The experience reaffirms them as teachers and members of their professional community. Vital connections are made as they see concepts and practices that they are learning in their coursework. This year’s keynote will be extra special because they are currently studying Dr. James Comer’s School Development Program. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a well-planned professional development experience.”

— Dayla VanSchaick M.Ed., Early Childhood Instructor



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