Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid is Secretary. She has served on the Board of NCAEYC as a representative of the South West Region and has been involved with NCAEYC since 2010. Currently, Ashley serves on the Public Policy and Awareness committee.

Ashley’s current professional role is Child Development Specialist with Child Care Resources, Incorporated. This position provides me with an opportunity to interact with teachers, administrators, and families while promoting best practice in early care and education. She has also held positions as an adjunct instructor and a Family Child Care Home provider.

Ashley says, “It is essential for every child I come in contact with to feel like they matter”. Her philosophy about early care and education is that every child is unique and their success as an early learner is dependent upon taking into account their personal experiences, background, culture, and level of development. It is about providing opportunities for exposure in the hopes of positive growth. It means that every child deserves a chance to grow and thrive. As an advocate in the early care and education field, this is her lifelong mission.

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