2019 WOYC Proclamation to Your Local Leaders

NCAEYC is proud to promote and support recognition of and engagement in Week of the Young Child™ (WOYC). On behalf of our members and all early childhood professionals in North Carolina, NCAEYC has again this year submitted a request to Governor Cooper to proclaim April as the Month of the Young Child and to designate April 7–13, 2019 as the Week of the Young Child™.

We encourage early childhood professionals across the state to make similar requests to their Mayors and other local officials, government and civic entities (Mayor, County Commissioners, Town Councils, Churches and Synagogues, etc.). Download our instructional Proclamation Flyer (PDF) now!

Proclamation Flyer

Download our instructional Proclamation Flyer (PDF)

Suggested Wording for Local Proclamations:

Whereas, the [Name of your Affiliate / Organization] [along with (other local organizations)], in conjunction with the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children (NCAEYC) and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), are celebrating the Week of the Young Child™, April 7-13, 2019; and

Whereas, these organizations are working to promote and inspire high quality early childhood experiences for our state’s youngest citizens, that can provide a foundation of learning and success for children in [STATE/CITY]; and

Whereas, teachers and others who work with or on behalf of young children birth through age eight, who make a difference in the lives of young children in [STATE/CITY] deserve thanks and recognition; and

Whereas, public policies that support early learning for all young children are crucial to young children’s futures and to the prosperity of our society;  I, [name of official], [Mayor/Governor/Council] of the [STATE/CITY], do hereby proclaim April 7-13, 2019 as the Week of the Young Child™ in [STATE/CITY] and encourage all citizens to work to support and invest in early childhood in [STATE/CITY].