2017 WOYC Proclamation Template: Spread the Word!

woyc-2017NCaeyc is proud to promote and support recognition of and engagement in Week of the Young Child™ (WOYC). On behalf of our members and all early childhood professionals in North Carolina, NCaeyc has submitted a request to the NC Governor to proclaim April as the Month of the Young Child and to designate April 24–28, 2017 as the Week of the Young Child™.

WOYC-Proclamation-template-NCaeycEarly childhood professionals across the state are encouraged to make similar requests to their Mayors and other local government entities (County Commissioners, Town Councils, etc.) in four easy steps:

  1. Reach out to other early childhood professionals and organizations in your area to coordinate your request(s) to local government entities.
  2. Download (Word document) and submit the proclamation template with your specific information in place.
  3. Invite others in your community to show their support by coordinating local media and public awareness campaigns.
  4. Share your successes with NCaeyc by posting your Proclamations, photos and media coverage to our Facebook page (facebook.com/ncaeyc) or emailing to: generalinfo@ncaeyc.org