North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children

Local Affiliates, Chapters and Community Groups supported by NCAEYC

Engage with members in your area through Local Affiliates, Chapters and community groups supported by NCAEYC. When you join NCAEYC, you become part of an interconnected network: with your state affiliate, with NAEYC which is our national parent organization, and with local members in your area. Local Affiliates and Chapters connect and serve members in counties and communities across our state. In parts of the state not currently served by a Local Affiliate or Chapter, members are served locally by NCAEYC. These local connections are one of the ways that NCAEYC works to promote and inspire excellence in early care and education. If you would like to learn more about how you can get engaged locally, please contact NCAEYC at: or call 919-510-5034, or visit an individual Local Affiliate or Chapter website:

Local Affiliate and Chapter Websites

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